A PSG Trooper’s daily duty is composed of diverse engagements for the President, the First Family and other dignitaries. This year, one of the Major engagements of PSG encompasses the security of the President and other visiting Heads of State on the occasion of the 23rd World Economic Forum on East Asia. The World Economic Forum is an international institution committed to improving the state of the world through public-private cooperation.

The World Economic Forum brings together the most influential, talented, innovative and inspiring leaders from across the globe to help lead positive change. For the WEF in East Asia 2014, The President of Philippines and other dignitaries share their views on how to leverage growth to ensure equitable progress for all.” namely: Benigno Simeon Aquino III, President of the Philippines,- Nguyen Tan Dung, Prime Minister of Vietnam, U Nyan Tun, Vice-President of Myanmar and Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, President of Indonesia.

PSG dispatched “Task Force WEF” since December of 2013 to oversee operations for all dignitaries for the said activity. Task Force WEF, headed by the Task Force Commander – COL JOSE D CAPARAS JR (GSC) PA, with his Deputy COL ROSALITO G MARTIRES (GSC) PA, LTC RAMON DAVID N HONTIVEROS PN(M) as the Operations Officer, LT ARIEL B TERO PN as Finance Officer, 1LT GUTIERREZ on Logistics, CPT ROGEL AL RAJIM LINZAG PA for Admin, MAJ REGINALD EPHRAIM B LINGAN PA for Intel and yours truly for Communications. Together we supervised different Security Task Teams who directly ventures with their Respective Protectees come D-Day…

Task Force WEF 2014 collaborated with all agencies involved such as the Department of Finance- the overall Office of Primary Responsibility, The PNP, BFP, MAPA, MAPZA, The different Makati Hotel Security Officers as well as Ayala Security and Traffic Management counterparts in order to ensure the smooth flow of all activities deemed to warrant the successful conduct of WEF in our country.

Conferences, walk throughs, rehearsals and training were continuously made months in advance, ‘till a few days prior to the arrival of attendees to make sure that all will be well.

This International event is truly an educational feat as well as a channel to foster good relations with all agencies involved, for as long as we work together in tandem, the end would indeed justify the means.

At the Opening Session of the World Economic Forum on East Asia 2014. 10 famous quotes are taken from a speech delivered by Benigno Simeon Aquino, President of the Philippines as I chose to depict how PSG lives by these selected verses: when the President eternally says:

“We have to invest in our greatest asset – the Filipino people.”- As the protector of the Seat of government, PSG makes sure that the Filipino people has a President that is constantly secured. As we pledge: “When it becomes necessary that I have to make

the ultimate sacrifice, then, Let it be so!”

I quote the President: “Our country has the social and economic momentum to go from success to success, and truly make waves throughout our archipelago, in the international community, and in the vast, immeasurable ocean of history.” — I can hereby say that WEF wise, It was a job well done… WEF East Asia was a success! Kudos! PSG Troopers!