By: LTJG Gino Paolo Y Goroy PN

 “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room on earth” – Muhammad Ali

Such quote can really reach hearts and motivate people. And this is true for the troopers composing the Guian Eastern Samar contingent under Security Task Action Group “G” during deployment from 14 to 18 November 2013.

For 5 days, the troopers have led the loading and unloading of relief goods at Guiuan Airport after seeing the need for volunteers and leaders to get the job done and put everything else in order. The group has filled trucks with goods that have come from almost all over the globe, goods that put relief to the hungry stomachs of the people of Guiuan, and have aided every family left cold in their homes.

The team has established rapport with the locals, enhanced the strength of LGU officials facilitating the operations, and enhanced the security deployment at the vicinity. All these products sprung from our simple intention of becoming an instrument of aide.

Upon arrival of advance team from the US military later on our first day, coordination’s and briefings were made to different government agencies operating in the area. The generally peaceful and orderly atmosphere at Guiuan airport convinced them to make it as one their centers for disaster relief operations. From then on, aircrafts carrying relief have landed one after the other.

Looking back from this experience, this shows how powerful one’s will is, how much more when it comes from a team? It truly can bring about change.

Guiuan is slowly getting back on its feet. Motorcycles and vehicles are already visible all over the place when we left – a sign that people is moving on. Resiliency is very clear. Till the next moment of change trooper. Mabuhay ka.