Senior Non-commissioned Officers (NCO’s) which included Sgt. Majors, First Sergeants, and Chief Clerks of the various PSG units, for once shelved their daily routine of supervising personnel under their jurisdiction to unwind from stress and pressure and dine together at Robinson’s Mall, Malate, Manila.

This once-in-a-blue-moon respite from work and pressure was made possible through the careful planning of PSG Sergeant Major , Senior Master Sergeant Maximo B. Gulliermo (PN)M who called for a meeting of all Senior NCO’s to plan for an unwinding and a team-building activity. Agreed was a dinner date for all SNCO’s which commenced on 7 February, 2014.

As expected, an ambience of contentment was seen on the faces of everyone as they shared the sumptuous meal. Anecdotes, funny experiences, and laughter flowed as these men sought to lighten up and unburden themselves for a short while from the responsibilities of their 24/7 jobs.

The activity ended with NCO’s obviously delighted with the experience, knowing that no matter how simple the activity was, camaraderie was renewed and each one was mentally refreshed, always ready to tackle head on any task and any responsibility at hand.