By: MSG Odonel B. Balisi PA

PSG Dental Dispensary recently underwent a number of facelifts with the end view of upgrading the quality of treatment it provides for its clientele.

Starting with the VIP section, the repainting of its walls and ceilings were done to restore brightness of surroundings, creating an ambiance of comfort wich our number one patient, the Chief Executive of the land rightly deserves.

We chose the yellow color not because of political consideration but because yellow exudes liveliness and hope. We consider the enormous responsibility that our President has on his shoulders. We envision to make his room as comfortable as possible so that every time he enters the dispensary, he is most warmly welcomed contributing to his happy mood and well being.

Moreover, the VIP Dental Chair and Unit was upgraded with the addition of digital radiographic x-ray and the restoration of an oral camera. Sidelined a couple of years ago, the oral camera was brought to active status. It affords our VIP patient the opportunity to view his mouth while undergoing treatment.

Digital radiographic x-ray on the other hand, is the latest innovation in dental practice. With the aid of this essential tool, dentist can now upload the x-ray to a computer to properly examine the film now with more defined and clear exposure just like watching a movie in high definition! In the long run, every PSG personnel will have his radiographic films secured in computers for ready reference and future use.

Setting the mood for patient comfort and pleasant dental experience, five (5) dental chairs and unit, the backbone of our clinical operation, received the much needed repairs. These equipment were already showing signs of wear and tear due to continued use all these years. With the status back to total serviceability, the unit is now in a position to address the increasing demand for efficient oral health care treatment of our PSG personnel and their dependents.

Another facelift was the replacement of ceilings and repainting of walls in all sections of the dispensary. We decided to paint the walls with apple green to bring out the positive atmosphere that the color exudes.

Lastly, to complete the best quality we can provide, we installed three (3) cable television sets (one (1) at the reception area and another two (2) at the clinical working area to add to the patient’s comfort shifting his focus away from the treatment to the television programs being aired.

With these facelifts, we make it a point to address the oral health requirement of every PSG personnel. This is to ensure that he is always in good oral condition whenever he is detailed to secure the Chief Executive of the Land.