By: 1LT Aldous Christopher DG Tamayo PAF

Unbeknownst to many, the Presidential Security

Group (PSG) besides its main task of ensuring the safety of the highest official of the land, have also been actively engaged in various social responsibility activities especially during the hard times of calamity and disaster. With the renewed stewardship of Commodore Raul R Ubando AFP, PSG Group Commander, the Command has extended its arms to the victims of Super Typhoon ‘Yolanda’ by sending troops to assist in the relief efforts of the Department of Social Welfare and Development at the National Resource Operations

Center (NROC) located at Chapel Road, NAIA, Pasay City. NROC serves as the main hub of all relief packaging in Metro Manila, thus, making it the busiest and most packed relief center in NCR. The PSG deployed a total of 461 personnel in 7 different sorties by providing manual labor, repackaging of goods and advising management procedures for efficiency of work. With the significant number of security missions to support, and with the limited number of personnel, PSG was still able to deliver this aid, all for the love of our fellow Filipinos.

No aid too small: In-kind contributions flood donation boxes

The spirit of “BAYANIHAN” in every filipino is reawakened with this kind of tragic event. Just like how it is done by our ‘kababayans’ all over the world, PSG troopers and their families gave out whatever they can in forms of clothing, ready to eat food, canned goods, rice, blankets, shoes, water and other necessities for the victims of ‘Yolanda’.Their concern immediately became an impulse to help as donations flooded the office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Civil Military Operations (OG7), the usual collection hub of in-kind donations , as soon as they saw and heard the news of the devastation brought by the monster typhoon. Even members of the first family did not spare the chance to be able to extend relief by sending boxes of shoes, food, medicines and solar powered generators. With the BAYANIHAN trait flowing in every Pinoy’s blood, it is indeed undeniable that even the fury of Super Typhoon Yolanda can never diminish the resiliency of the Filipino spirit.

Officer’s ladies, EP ladies & dependents join the cause

Members of the PSG Officer’s ladies club headed by their club president Mrs Michelle Larrosa and members of the PSG EP ladies club headed by their president Mrs Maria Fe L Tolentino and other dependents also organized relief effort activities in their own available time in support of the Command’s thrust to help the typhoon victims. The officer’s ladies club conducted repacking of their donated assortment of clothing and garments at the Amanpulo Hall, Malacanang Park. Meanwhile, the EP Ladies Club joined the repacking efforts at the DSWD National Resource Operations Center. Even their children and neighbors were eager to join and lend a hand to Contribute to the relief work. These efforts had not only created a favorable impression, it also became a venue for the dependents to foster friendship and goodwill to other families and friends.

Always ready to help

The DSWD NROC was very grateful and appreciative of the efforts shared by the men and women of the Command. The PSG had been instrumental in all aspect of the production process from the packing of the goods, to the loading and unloading of cargo and most

importantly in helping systematize warehouse operations. The hard-hit Tacloban, Leyte and Samar may be a long way from complete rehabilitation, but whenever the agony of the disaster may last, the Presidential Security Group will always be behind supporting in any way they can. No thank you’s needed – because helping others is always a trend in PSG.