by: Sgt Josette Chyrelle G Legaspino PA



“Sino kaya ang susunod na Group Commander?”…. the most famous phrase — wondering as to who would be the next to take over the leadership of PSG as BGEN RAMON MATEO U DIZON AFP is about to render his compulsory retirement from the military service. And on 30 August 2013, came the confirmation to all our inquires as a familiar face appeared on the PSG grandstand minutes before the outgoing Commander arrives. Dressed in a snappy full white Bush Coat uniform (known to be worn only by Navy Officers) — COMMODORE RAUL R UBANDO AFP, the then Senior Military Aide of HEBSAIII, is about to make history as the responsibility to lead the men and women of the Presidential

Security Group will be delegated to him — and become the very first Navy Officer to take its commandership.


The turnover of Command, as it marks a very special and historic day of PSG, was presided by no less than HEBSAIII and witnessed not only by the PSG troopers, friends and families of the outgoing and incoming Commanders but also by the Secretary of National Defense, Chief of Staff, AFP and key personalities from different government and private institutions. The President, as the Guest of Honor and Speaker stated that “ito ang pinakaunang pagkakataon na iti-timon ng isang Navy Officer ang PSG” … along with these lines, HEBSAIII has emphasized his confidence that COMMODORE UBANDO AFP has all the capabilities and competence to steer the wheel of the Presidential Security Group to become a more proficient and reliable unit of the AFP.


Throughout the course of the history of PSG, this is the very first time to have a Navy Officer to take its leadership — the very first time that PSG will set sail into the sea of endeavors as it continue to perform its most acclaimed mandated task of protecting the highest elected official of the country, the First Family, Seat of Government and other visiting Heads of States/Foreign Dignitaries. COMMODORE UBANDO AFP is not new to this kind of duty as he has been with PSG for a very long time holding various key and critical positions/designations — in fact, it is being with PSG that he was molded to become a well-rounded and seasoned Officer … this was very evident when he renewed his vow and commitment to the President and the people by leading the men and women of one of the elite units of

the Armed Forces of the Philippines to recite the PSG Pledge through his speech during the turnover ceremony.


Having a Navy Officer as a Commander might be new to us but it doesn’t mean something will have to change as PSG will continue to perform its mandated task and will still remain true and dedicated to it — perhaps in a new genre, as COMMODORE UBANDO AFP has his own method/approach of bringing the PSG troopers to a higher level of performance in responding to their call of duty — but rest assured, PSG will remain in the proper course of the President’s advocacy of Tuwid na Daan.


To our beloved Commander … sail away sir, as we will always be with you in your endeavor to lead the PSG to become the most efficient and trusted unit of the AFP … with your conviction towards Tuwid na Daan,

eto lang po ang masasabi namin — “Aye Aye El Capitan!!!”