Honesty. Integrity. Loyalty.

These are the values that PSG troopers live by.

Every man and woman of the Presidential Security Group is imbued with these core values not only to strengthen our camaraderie and sense of oneness, but also to reinforce our convictions and to serve as our guide in all our day to day tasks.

This year, on the occasion of our 28th Founding Anniversary, may every PSG troopers once again feel a renewal of these convictions as we continue to face the challenges of our profession and confidently perform our mandated duty of safeguarding the President and the seat of government.

In consonance to the righteous path that the government is championing, PSG focuses on transparency and efficiency in resource management – doing and serving more with the least cost in resources.

Harmonizing and fine tuning our resources management strategies will make us a bastion of change and efficacy, and further cement our image as the premiere security institute of the land.

And even as we try to maximize our resources, we also endeavor to deliver better morale and welfare services to our troopers through repair of facilities and issuance of new uniforms, because we recognize that this institution will not be what it is without your hard work and dedication.

Again, Happy Anniversary and Mabuhay PSG!